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Stress happens to all of us, it is an undeniable part of life.  

The trick is figuring out how to handle stress.  

Let's explore.

Stress reactions show up in a number of ways: we can have trouble sleeping, or eating, trouble with friends, trouble concentrating or focusing, we may have physical complaints of aches and pains, especially stomach aches.  At Wellness Hub we most often receive calls for counseling for depression and anxiety, which are both hugely impacted by stress.

We are all wired for fight or flight, the natural mechanism to confront challenges.  This is so helpful when it keeps us from stepping into traffic, or when it keeps us alert and focused so we can do well on a test.  It is not helpful when it is chronic.  Long term exposure to stress wears us out, body/mind/spirit. The brain is complicated part of the body, but in simplest terms the part of the brain which is responsible to regulate stress responses can actually become overworked, and things like poor concentration, fatigue, depression and anxiety can all be a direct result of this.

The most effective way to calm the brain and body are mindfulness based stress reduction techniques including YOGA and MEDITATION. There is so much evidence to support this, most notably coming from the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program at UMass in Worcester, founded by Jon Kabat Zinn who has written extensively on the topic.  For us at Wellness Hub, we are thrilled to welcome Yoga Nidra.  Yoga Nidra combines both yoga and meditation, and is specifically designed to offer deep relaxation through long savasana which is the part of yoga where we rest.

Amanda Tranghese is our Nidra teacher and offers this for both adults and kids.  Evidence shows that regular practice of Nidra can bring lasting changes especially with daily practice.

Amanda works with adults and kids, offering workshops, weekly classes and 1:1 sessions.  

Stress usually feels like it takes control of our lives.  Come and find out how to change this and feel better.  

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