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Now five weeks after our first update, we continue to hold steady during this time of quarantine and pandemic.  We hope you are healthy and safe.  We are incredibly grateful to all the helpers and healers, for everyone working so hard at so many things during this time.  We hope you are taking very good care of yourself.  On behalf of our teachers, therapists, and massage therapists, we miss you and hope you are healthy and safe.  It is so sad for us not to be in our building(s), and boy do we hope to return soon!

Here's what's been happening behind the scenes for us.  As you know, many of our services have been put on hold, however we have contined with Journeys grief support groups, even starting a new one since the pandemic hit, for Miscarriage Loss, which has several openings if anyone is interested.  We have been providing individual and family counseling as well.  All sessions have been done using Zoom.  We are in the process of creating a support group for those who have lost a loved one to COVID-19 and welcome referrals for this.

We continue to have a wonderful class, Hub Connections, which meets MWF each week with Chloé Tagan, and offers guided meditation, breathwork and discussion around mindset to help cope with the challenges during the pandemic/quarantine.  This is free to Journeys members and is sold as yoga classes were prior to our shut down.  

This week we are launching our new Meditation for All class, which is a weekly FREE class on Thursdays at 7:30p, also via Zoom.  We will continue virtually even after we return to the studio so anyone anywhere can join.  Click on the link here to sign up: 


Feel free to share this link, all are welcome.




Nearly a week after our first message from Wellness Hub and what a week it has been!  We, like you, have been working to get balanced and centered, something which has certainly been a challenge for all.

We have had a lot of questions, mostly about what we might do during this time.  We have opted to share information on social media, mostly FaceBook, as this platform has allowed sharing of resources, inspirational stuff, etc.

Honestly, we have also taken time to reflect.  We have stayed still, trying to gauge the current culture, and whether we are correct or not, we've come up with some thoughts.

There are MANY efforts happening all around, particularly with yoga and meditation.  Lots of free options, and several of our teachers have done FaceBook live classes which we have shared.  At this point we haven't moved to putting virtual classes on Wellness Living.  

If you miss your personalized class and would attend virtually if you could, definitely let us know and we'll see what we can do.  

We have been busy getting up to speed using Zoom for our support groups.  By next week we will have had at least one group, and actually have added several more.  We have a new group for miscarriage loss, and held a reunion group for a prior teen grief group.  The feedback is overwhelmingly positive.  People appreciate the opportunity to see each other, and while virtual connections aren't our preference, they are powerful in this time of social distancing.

We have begun offering virtual 1:1 services.  

Counseling, Mindset Coaching, and expressive arts are being offered using Zoom.

We have also developed a new class

Hub Connections

with Chloé Tagan who is our Mindset Coach and who has a wonderful toolbox from which to bring resources.  This new class is designed to offer guided meditation and breathing PLUS support and skill building to help navigate lives impacted by COVID-19.

Chloé will offer this three times a week

Mon/Wed/Fri at 10a

and it will work just like our classes were working prior to coronavirus changes.

Sign up is through Wellness Living, and if you don't have this app just click the link on our homepage.  Once you buy class, you will receive an acknowledgement email which will give you the link to join class on Zoom.

As always, Journeys members take classes for free with monthly membership.

Please contact us if you wish to join and it is financially difficult at this time,

we will make it happen for you.

We plan to start 3/25 Wednesday.

Remember to breathe.  Deeply and often.  

Deep breathing stimulates the nervous system to calm down,

and the more we practice, the better we feel.



What a strange trip this is.  While it is warm and beautifully sunny outside, we are left wondering what is going on in a time where things are unprecedented.  We at Wellness Hub focus on stress reduction, and that is a challenge today.  We don't expect this to be like this forever, but for today it's weird and unclear.  What is clear is that it is important that we close our doors for now so we can practice safe social distancing and do our part in "flattening the curve" in our attempt to avoid the transmission of COVID-19.  

All of us here at Wellness Hub are saddened by closing,

but agree that it is the smartest move.

We are updating things on Wellness Living, but if we miss something, please know there are no classes or activities until further notice.

We are working on creating virtual options for classes, support groups and individual sessions.  We will be in touch with our clients once we have more news.

In the meantime, there are options for finding calm and peace amid the uncertainty, confusion and fear.  Nature is our first and most powerful resource.  We invite you to embrace being in nature...breathe deeply, allow the sun to bring warmth and healing, and recognize our oneness with the Universe.  Remember that the seasons are cyclical, and even the harshest Winter is followed by Spring.  Listen to the birds and remember that they are returning with hope for the Spring which awaits.

We recommend limited exposure to the news and social media.  That being said, it will be helpful to have outlets for distraction.  It is not uncommon in the face of great stress to swing between fear and faith, comfort and discomfort.  Allow for both.  Stay connected with others and also be mindful of anything which drains your energy or dampens your mood.

We are a holistic healing program.  We continue to value health of body, mind and spirit.  We continue to recommend mindfulness based stress reduction options like meditation and yoga, as these help most to bring balance to our stressed brains.  Deep breathing is invaluable to calming down the nervous system.  We believe in rest, and for many of us, the ability to rest may be an unintended benefit from having to stay at home.  

We want to remind everyone of the gut-brain connection.  Nearly 80% of our health and mental health depends on our gut being healthy.  We may crave junk food right now, but please also be mindful of how you fuel your body.  Caffeine and alcohol take their toll, even if they might feel like the answer in the moment.  Drink lots of water.  Consider taking supplements to boost your immune system.  If you are sick, this can help tremendously with severity and length of illness, and even if you aren't sick now, it could be really helpful if you become sick in the future.


We recognize that this has direct impact on so many, in so many ways, and we continue to send love and prayers to our community and beyond.  It is also truly important to recognize that this will not last forever.  We can look to China to see that this WILL pass, and our job right now is to find our footing.  We wish you health and calm as you journey through the near future, and we very much look forward to seeing you again in person 

in our Hubbardston and Princeton homes.  

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