Other Healing Options for Grief


Wellness Hub Journeys offers individual, couples and family counseling.  We realize that talk therapy is helpful but not the only healing option.  We are thrilled to have other choices too.  Click here for all of our options.

Mindset Coaching

Chloé Tagan is a spiritual health and mindset coach whose passion is helping others to reframe their thoughts and get curious about the lens that they see the world from. Her passion is helping others to re-wire their subconscious minds to work for them, not against them, as many of our limiting beliefs (that hold us back in life) come from our unconscious thoughts. Chloé’s goal is to empower you to be your own best healer and to understand that since you created your life thus far, you can re-create it at any moment. 


for Grief

We offer several options for yoga which can help with the grief journey.  All of our classes are grief sensitive, meaning that if you are struggling with grief, our teachers maintain an environment of inclusivity.  We also have Yoga for Living with Grief and Loss which happens twice a month with Danielle, and Yoga Nidra which is a class offering deep relaxation through guided imagery, which is offered every Thursday evening and Saturday morning with Amanda.

We also host day long workshops for grief led by Susan Connolly, bereaved mother and yoga instructor.  Please contact us for more information about our next scheduled workshop.

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