Reiki energy work is healing for the following reasons:

  • It aids in the removal of blockages & negative energy in the body

  • It is supportive to any medical treatments you are experiencing

  • It brings the body & mind into an even balance

  • It works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

  • It aids in helping one process loss, trauma and grief

  • It helps boost the immune system 


What does a Reiki treatment look like?

  • It is gentle and noninvasive

  • It can include light physical touch of the practitioners hands or no touch at all, if the client prefers

  • There is no disrobing of clothes, but loose fitting, comfortable clothes are recommended during a session 


Reactions and benefits to a Reiki treatment look different for everyone and are very unique to one’s own healing process. Some benefits and reactions include:

  • Sensations of warmth, well-being and loving energy in the body

  • Peacefulness and quiet in the mind

  • Calming of the nervous system

  • A feeling of deep relaxation

  • Relief of emotional stress or anxiety 

  • Improvement of overall well-being in the body and mind

  • You may feel more tired when you leave a session, but then feel improvement later in the day



It is always a good idea to be gentle and kind with yourself after any type of energy and holistic healing practice. Aftercare post Reiki session might include the following:

  • Drinking plenty of filtered water to make sure the body is hydrated

  • Scheduling in some extra time in your day to rest or reflect on what the experience was like

  • Making an effort to not rush into the rest of your day

  • Lots of deep and slow breathing to keep your nervous system calm

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