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Welcome to my Sofa (seriously?)

You probably thought, since I'm a therapist, I was making reference to my office and the cliche of therapists having sofas. Nope. This is my actual sofa where I spent the last few days sick. Note the tissues and the TV remote. I lived here because, well, I was sick.

I had a deep thought amidst binge watching Netflix. I wouldn't have chosen to lay around and do nothing for a few days. I've been really busy with many things lately, so this was the opposite of what I had planned. But I didn't have much choice. It dawned on me that sometimes in life we are stopped in our tracks. Maybe it's illness (quick, like mine, or long term), death, loss of job, loss of pet, divorce, even weather. Being stopped in our tracks can really be humbling. It's kind of like the Universe is trying to tell us something. It is often our invitation to surrender.

Surrender is hard, and most of us wouldn't CHOOSE this but we can often benefit from it. Surrender can offer important life lessons in perspective and sometimes even gratitude. It reminds us what we can control and helps us redefine our priorities. If we don't surrender, there can be consequences. In my case, I probably could have pushed myself, ignored my symptoms, and gone ahead with my busy life. The result likely would have prolonged my being sick, may have even made me more sick due to secondary complications, and could have increased the probability I would have spread germs to infect others. As with many life challenges, the more we fight to make something happen, the more we are likely to wear ourselves out, to get hurt, to burn out.

So maybe my sofa isn't so bad after all.

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