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Welcome 2020!

As the new year approaches, we often find ourselves looking toward the future. New Year's resolutions are common, with thoughts of what we want to do this year. "Out with the old, in with the new" is a common phrase, but at Wellness Hub this couldn't be further from the truth. We would rather restore the old and instead help create the new.

In 2016, Wellness Hub was "born" in the building which had been known as the Wheeler Store from the mid 1800's through the late 1960's. One Main LLC bought 1 Main Street in Hubbardston in 2010 (I am part owner) and restoration was a long process, culminating in the creation of the yoga studio and clinical offices on the first floor which we now call home. The building itself has a definite charm, and some say a gentle loving spirit which welcomes all and provides hope for the healing. (To be perfectly honest, we believe the spirits wanted us to buy the property which originally included another house where our side driveway is now. This house never got heat, electricity or running water, and we eventually tore it down, but when we were first considering purchase we toured the building and saw all of the inside. We didn't put in an offer right away, so others came to check it out too. The realtor said that other potential buyers tried to get inside the house as well, but there was a force holding the door shut, not letting anyone see inside but us. True story.)

In 2018, Cork & Windsor LLC embarked on a similar project. They had been operating in Princeton center as Mountainside Market (market and small cafe), and they won the bid with DCR to renovate the former Superintendent's House at the base of Wachusett Mountain (see article here). Renovation designs included a restaurant on the first floor and offices on second floor of the house, plus multi use space in the side building/barn. Their new name Mountainside includes the tag line "bakery-cafe-community" and their mission for community is beautiful. They invited Wellness Hub to share yoga as part of their vision for community (happening in the barn), and as we moved ahead with this partnership we decided to also rent two offices on the second floor to offer massage and counseling. They spent many months restoring a once abandoned building, something we understood all too well. They have created a beautiful space to bring joy to the community and after much anticipation finally opened their restaurant in mid December.

When we think of restoration, we recognize that it takes a great deal of work. It is often slow, comes at a cost, and requires a certain amount of blind faith in a process which is often wrought with set backs, frustrations and confusion. This metaphor so strongly represents the core of our work at Wellness Hub. People are invited to come and restore body, mind, and spirit through the variety of holistic options we offer including yoga, meditation, reiki, massage, and counseling (including expressive arts and healing in nature). For an individual, we can't get rid of the old in our bodies and souls, instead we need to find a way to loving care of ourselves and, in healing, find a way to grow and thrive. For Wellness Hub, we see this as the essence of restoration. Further, our focus on grief work is completely in sync with this as well. In the world, the bereaved often get unhelpful messages about getting over their losses, replacing them, moving on ("you're young you can get remarried...have another baby...get a new dog"). It's as if the only message is to get rid of the old and bring in the new, when in actuality the true goal of grief work is integration. Our work is to find a way to take the loss (the old building) and find a way to integrate it into our lives (restoration). It is through this restoration that healing can happen. Is restoration ever complete? Ask any homeowner, the answer is definitely no. Both of these precious old buildings will require ongoing upkeep and care. Healing a process too, and honoring this matters. We are always growing and changing, and restoration is our care on the journey.

Today we are grateful and hugely excited about the possibilities, and as we ring in the New Year we are busy making plans. Follow us on FaceBook and Instagram for updates, as we roll out new yoga classes. Monthly memberships will include classes in both locations plus mindful hiking which is currently in Hubbardston and soon will happen at Wachusett Mountain too. We are already taking reservations for massage and reiki in Princeton and continue to offer this in Hubbardston, the same for counseling.

Join us in the amazing process of restoration, whatever that may look like for you. From Wellness Hub, we want to send you our best wishes for the year ahead.

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