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Let me start by saying I'm laughing at myself. I usually do this when I have an "aha!" moment reminding me of the bigger picture.

Yesterday, as anyone living in southern New England likely knows first hand, we had some CRAZY weather move through with record speed. I experienced a monster hail storm which left piles of white stuff in its wake, and not long after we were graced with an incredibly beautiful double rainbow. That, in itself, brings a wonderful metaphor about calm after the storm. But here's where it gets really crazy...

I fell asleep around 9:30.

My dog got sprayed by a skunk around 11:15p.

Skunk spray smells. It permeates, and lingers, and we have very little control over this. Short of completely eradicating the skunk population in Hubbardston MA, this isn't the first time and likely won't be the last.

When bad things happen, we often find ourselves in ugly (in this case smelly) situations which we can't escape. Our choice is to hide or face it.

Let me tell you, my instincts were first to cry/scream, then run to Walmart to buy cleaning supplies, then I was able to take a deep breath, refocus and try to problem solve with what we had on hand. We found a little bit of requisite hydrogen peroxide/baking soda/Dawn dish detergent and we did our best to bathe the dog.

Moral of the story: so much of our lives is out of our control. In the bigger picture for us, this was a blip. Last night people in Lawrence and Methuen still don't have heat or hot water after the gas line disaster, a beautiful old church burned to the ground in Wayland after being hit by lightning, a caravan of immigrants are fleeing their native country, and so many precious people I know are grieving their loved ones.

We just had a stinky house and a stinky dog. Breathe. Right now I'm OK.

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