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Offices and Yoga/Meditation in Hubbardston MA and 
starting Dec. 2019 in Princeton MA too!

About Us

Wellness Hub is a consortium of wellness services which now fall into two categories: Yoga/Meditation and Journeys, our new Bereavement Center.  Lori Churchill, LICSW, our Director, has maintained a private practice for many years and has focused on holistic healing, often recommending yoga and meditation as helpful additions to work done in her office.  As her practice became more grief focused, this holistic approach proved helpful and thus Journeys was born in early 2019.  

Yoga and meditation classes cost $15/class, 3 for $30 and a monthly membership for unlimited classes for $65. Sign ups and purchases are made through MindBody, which is a free phone app or can be accessed in studio. Journeys is integrated with this structure and offers monthly unlimited membership 

($40/person, $50/2 people $75/family) which includes support groups, classes, and weekly yoga and meditation classes.  All sign ups begin by contacting Lori at (978) 928-1164.

In addition to classes and support groups, Wellness Hub also offers:

   -individual counseling,

   -music therapy

   -private yoga/meditation/nutrition sessions

and also offers consultation and training on grief topics for communities, schools, and other groups.

Yoga and Meditation

Weekly classes and special workshops


We offer monthly free in house educational seminars in addition to trainings/consultation for organizations.

Individual Counseling and Support

Individual, couples, family sessions to address specific needs

Journeys: Support Groups

Holistic bereavement support services


Life is busy and stressful, for so many reasons.  We often "react"  as opposed to "create" a healthly lifestyle.  It can feel like the tail is wagging the dog.  Here's the good news: we CAN do things differently.  There is an enormous amount of evidence proving the benefits of mindfulness based activities like yoga and meditation.  A regular practice can bring life changing health and mental health benefits.  

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1 Main Street

Hubbardston, MA 01452

and starting Dec. 2019

213 Mountain Road

Princeton, MA 01541

(978) 928-1164

Lori Churchill, Director