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Wellness Hub

Wellness Hub was incorporated in 2018 to share stress reduction, particularly the stress resulting from grief and loss.  We offer counseling, grief support services, massage/reiki, and yoga and meditation classes both in person and virtually.

We believe that all grief is unique, and that gender, culture, age and type of loss matter.  We believe that grief impacts us in many areas of our lives, and that all of these deserve our attention and support.  

We offer guidance and holistic support on the grief journey for individuals, families, and groups, using a variety of approaches.

We believe that the majority of grief responses are "normal" and that when we are in a safe and grief friendly space we can find our footing and path on the journey to live more comfortably with loss.


   About Us

Wellness Hub is a wellness center which focuses on stress reduction  particularly the stress associated with grief and loss.  We believe two things are important: opportunities for expression and opportunities for restoration of body, mind and spirit.  For example, we offer counseling to help with expression, and yoga to help with restoration of body, mind and spirit.  We have a large variety of services and options for healing..


Lori Churchill, LICSW, our Director, has maintained a private practice for many years and has focused on holistic healing, often recommending yoga and meditation as helpful additions to work done in her office.  As her practice became more grief focused, this holistic approach proved helpful and thus Journeys was born in early 2019.  

Please check out our schedule and sign up to come and join us.  Feel free to call Lori at (978) 928-1164 to set up an appointment or learn more about how Wellness Hub can help you live more comfortably.


Why we do what we do

Life is busy and stressful, for so many reasons.  We often "react"  as opposed to "create" a healthly lifestyle.  It can feel like the tail is wagging the dog.  Here's the good news: we CAN do things differently.  There is an enormous amount of evidence proving the benefits of mindfulness based activities like yoga and meditation.  A regular practice can bring life changing health and mental health benefits.  

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